The new release from the Wreckage Systems project

‘Mimik’ is the fourth release from 65daysofstatic’s Wreckage Systems project.

This EP is an ode to the spaces, both physical and liminal, mostly denied to us during these pandemic years. Let the repetitive beats move you and climb into whatever era of nostalgia they trigger in your head.

'Mimik (Brln)' is bruising techno from the Steel City, chopped into utilitarian rhythms from the untethered, wild source material that is 'Mimik (Original)'. The noise of an absent summer.

‘So Long, Linearity!’ is the sound of whatever romance can be found in the collapse of chronology. And marimbas. It was actually written during the making of Wild Light back in 2013, destined to sit on a hard drive until the right context came along.

'Circuit G' is a vaguely tamed recording of a rowdy Wreckage System output, while 'Synth Ascend' is one of those old fashioned 65daysofstatic songs, with melodies and guitars and everything.

This EP is also included in the Wreckage Systems subscription. Visit www.wreckage.systems for more information.