A Year of Wreckage

Unreleased/Unreleasable Vol. 4

A Year of Wreckage is a year-long music project beginning 1st May 2019, with new material being released monthly, via the band’s own Bandcamp subscription service.

It is an archive of primordial 65 sound palettes, a catalogue of (computer) errors and guitar glitches, drone ambience and breakcore math insanity, bleak strategies and escape tunnels.

To subscribe and get downloads of everything released so far as well as bonus material including our 2011 album Silent Running, check out the Bandcamp page.

With each new release to subscribers, the previous one will become available as a standalone e.p on Bandcamp.  Scroll down to listen to music that is currently available to everyone.

For more info, check out the FAQ.

U/U Vol.4.1


U/U Vol.4.2

Fugue State

U/U Vol.4.3

Looped Future

U/U Vol.4.4