The new release from the Wreckage Systems project
‘Tomorrowd’ is the second e.p from 65daysofstatic’s Wreckage Systems project. It is the soundtrack to a film that has not yet been made. Or the soundtrack to that moment in the morning when the weight of existing in 2021 after having already existed through 2020 hits you all over again. It is exhausted broadcasts that have travelled too far along rusted copper wires. Or perhaps it's not as bleak as all that. Perhaps it's a bundle of restless energy and kick drums. A coiled spring of radio interference and feedback. Perhaps it's the sound of a matte black rock the size of a city, its sides impossibly smooth, emerging from the ocean in the middle of the night. 

This e.p is available to buy on Bandcamp, but is also included in the Wreckage Systems subscription, along with future releases. For more information, please visit  www.wreckage.systems //