The new release from the Wreckage Systems project
‘Available Data’ is the third release from 65daysofstatic’s Wreckage Systems project. It is an other-worldly, episodic journey through vast landscapes of sound. Enveloped in a mist made of a billion tiny sawtooths, oceans of sines undulate as melodies drift through the purple sky like lanterns, clouds flickering like burnt out cathode rays. Sub bass causes earthquakes, dragging up beats from deep down in the valleys of nostalgia. They scrape their way to the surface and metallicize upon contact with the thick air, fracture themselves into new rhythms. Jagged spikes of sculpted electricity punch their intentions out of the earth and become mountains. You find new ways of moving in here, new ways of breathing. 

This e.p is available to buy on Bandcamp, but is also included in the Wreckage Systems subscription, along with future releases. For more information, please visit  www.wreckage.systems //