Five Waves

Final single from replicr, 2019 streaming now.

When you really get down to it, everything is made from sine waves, right? We leaned into that idea for this song. Five Waves is a tidal push and pull of clean, fundamental frequencies and sculpted white noise beats. One of the earliest tracks from replicr, 2019, it started life as a ramshackle piece of generative software that stacked sine waves on top of each other in interesting combinations and then battered them against rhythms in 5/8 built from glitches and white noise, like waves at high tide hitting the rocks of a stormy shore. Or maybe it was the rhythms battering the sine waves. One of these things is the ocean, the other is the rocks. It's hard to know which is supposed to be which. Maybe both are both.



New single from replicr, 2019 streaming now.

Back in January, in a remote studio that would have been buried under snow had we not have collectively killed snow's ability to thrive in the 21st century, the four of us were huddled around a warm mixing desk trying to stop Trackerplatz from falling apart. More than one song had already been unceremoniously left in the dirt whilst recording replicr, 2019. It's always that way with us when trying to make records. We go into it expecting one thing but as soon as we manage to bring it to life it starts behaving oddly and there's only so much we can do to keep it all hanging together. Trackerplatz we were all particularly fond of though. We really wanted it to survive.

At the last possible minute, on the cusp of us throwing the entire song into the memory hole, the song was saved by a 1998 Akai S2000 digital sampler. In the earliest days of 65, this sampler travelled with us in vans up and down the country and then around Europe. More recently it sat, lonely, in the corner of a rehearsal room, its circuits getting coated in dust and melancholy.

At 65's darkest hour, the sampler chugged its way back to life and offered up a 16bit sine wave embued with a decade of sadness. We threw out the overwrought polyrhythmic piano tracks, replaced them with the sampler's plaintive yearning for its lost younger years, and out of nowhere the song bloomed into the end piece of our new record.



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