A one day noise installation in Sheffield.

Fugue State For E-Bows and Guitar was an installation at the Great Gatsby in Sheffield on 31st August 2014 for the Pub Scrawl Festival. Six hacked e-bows, 3 guitars and the entirety of 65daysofstatic’s amplifier collection were squeezed into a small, unlit room from 4.30pm - 11pm. The result is discussed in Episode 1 of our Bleak Strategies podcast.

In 2019, Fugue State was revived at 65HQ to help complete U/U Vol.4.2 - Fugue State. This release, part of the A Year of Wreckage project, featured new material using the Fugue State system, alongside a recording of the original installation from 2014. This recording, titled FS_Original, can also be heard in the video below