Algorithmically-drive A/V performances, Europe, 2017-2018

Decomposition Theory was presented as a series of algorithmically-driven live A/V performances between 2017 - 2018. Decomp. V.1 was a commission by Algomech and Millenium Galleries and involved three shows over two days at Millenium Galleries, Sheffield. Decomp. V.2 was performed in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin whilst Decomp. V.3 was toured around the UK in November 2018, with a final performance in Luxembourg March 2019.

Although Decomposition Theory initially manifested through these shows, the thinking behind was not intended to be attached to any particular project/s, but was an attempt to formalise 65’s approach to being a band. That is, not to try and redefine what a band could be, but rather to make being a band an ongoing process to escape definition all together.