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Under the Summs

The first Wreckage Systems release 

The first e.p from 65daysofstatic’s Wreckage Systems project is OUT NOW. Written and recorded across various states of lockdown, Under the Summs is the distressed sounds of noise smuggled across borders via ftp servers. It is amplified distance, urgency coaxed from life on pause. The future without future. Under the Summs is the beginning of a new arc of music from 65days. If the Wreckage Systems stream is the infinite, endless soundtrack to now (and it is), then these accompanying releases that we cut out of it are the disjunctions. The breaks in the transmission. Anchors, too heavy to be dragged away into the fog of digital ephemerality.

This e.p is available to buy on Bandcamp, but is also included in the Wreckage Systems subscription, along with future releases. For more information, please visit  www.wreckage.systems //


What. A. Fucking. Year.
Here’s a small gift of noise from us.
‘Twenty Four Twelve Twenty’. The sound of Winter 2020.

Download for free HERE.
Stream it HERE

This song is a remake of/sequel to a very old song of ours called Twenty Four Twelve.That was recorded in the dark old days when we made things sound out of tune by accident rather than on purpose.

For this new version, our friend The Tingler reprises his role as guest vocalist.

Good luck everyone. If you can: stay home.65.x

A Year of Wreckage

Vinyl Editions: Utopian Frequencies/Disquiet

Utopian Frequencies and Disquiet are two new albums that we carefully and lovingly put together from our A Year of Wreckage archive. The songs were mixed by Dave Sanderson, and everything has been re-mastered especially for vinyl at Abbey Road by Frank Arkwright (who mastered Wild Light, No Man’s Sky, replicr, 2019). They both come with gorgeous, tactile, embossed artwork from long time 65 comrade Caspar Newbolt. You gotta touch it to believe it.

This is a short run released via Dustpunk Records, our own mostly-dormant label. 500 of each album. Rather than trying to choose specific A Year Of Wreckage e.ps to release, we picked songs from a wide range of them to make two full-length albums that work as standalone listening experiences. They might be old songs for some of you, but heard in a new way. And if you never had the time, inclination, patience or cash to get fully absorbed in the whole AYOW archive, then here are two slices of it in more immediate, digestible chunks.

AVAILABLE HERE: 65daysofstatic.bandcamp.com