replicr, 2019

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2021 is the new 2020


Ok. This is a major shift. We will never have gone this long between live shows since we started being a band, so we very much feel your frustration. This is not how we hoped the replicr, 2019 live shows were going to go.

But there’s still that whole global pandemic going on, and the idiots in charge of the two countries we had shows in have been handling it with an audacious mix of incompetence and villainy.
Our hope is that pushing the shows back until 2021 will mean that no further changes will become necessary. ALL TICKETS WILL REMAIN VALID FOR THESE SHOWS. And who knows, maybe by 2021 65daysofstatic gig tickets will be the new global currency. Stupider things are happening this year. So it’s worth holding on to them, it will help us and the promoters out a lot. (Although if you’ve lost your job/need the cash, you can seek refunds from point of purchase).


7th Oct 2021: Fabrika, Ekaterinburg, Russia | TICKETS
8th Oct 2021: Cosmonavt, St. Petersburg, Russia | TICKETS
9th Oct 2021: Glavclub Green Concert, Moscow, Russia | TICKETS
10th Oct 2021: Premio Centre, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia | TICKETS

11th Nov 2021: Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK | TICKETS
12th Nov 2021: Gorilla, Manchester, UK | TICKETS
13th Nov 2021: Summer Hall, Edinburgh, UK | TICKETS

**Please note the venue changes in certain cities - ALL TICKETS STILL VALID**

Thanks for your patience. See you when this all blows over... 65.x


Music for Bail Funds

Black Lives Matter
Two new releases out today, Friday 5th June. This is a day when Bandcamp will waive their cut of sales, so it seemed like a good day to drop these two releases and for those 24 hours 100% of the sales will be donated to various bail funds, mutual aid groups and racial justice organisations across the U.S. For a full list of where contributions will go, or to donate directly, check HERE. Otherwise, we’ll update this page tomorrow with links to the new releases.

The first release is a Mogwai remix of Five Waves from our album, replicr, 2019. The second is a full length, high-quality live recording of one of our first Decomposition Theory shows from 2017.

Both releases are pay-what-you-feel, so even if you can’t afford to spare much, a little still counts. And if you’ve got plenty of disposable income, go large!

Solidarity to all the protestors across the globe. Black Lives Matter. Another world is possible. No justice, no peace. 65.


Medicinal Noise


Here's an hour-long reworking of our song 'Safe Passage', offered up to you as a kind of medicinal noise aimed at reducing any pandemic-anxiety you might be experiencing in these wild days of Spring 2020.

Free to download HERE or streaming on Youtube HERE.

Take care of each other everybody. 65.x