65’z Stolen Gear, 090713:


65HQ got broken into last night. We have lost two laptops and ALL of our good guitars. If you work in any second hand music shops in the North of England or, indeed, anywhere, it’d be great if you took a quick look at this list of things we are missing.



Fender Lightash Telecaster (black) – serial no. 7120327.
Fender Lightash Telecaster (black) – serial no. 4122931.

both these Teles are customised with pick-up selector clipped off, bridges replaced with contemporary-style bridges.

Fender Squire Custom Telecaster (black). Traces of white paint on back. Very distinctive bullet-size holes in the back.

Ibanez Prestige (black) – serial no. 651301 (U.V pen).
Ibanez Roadcore (black) – serial no. 651302 (U.V pen).

Fender Precision Bass (Mexican) (black, one of the intonation screws is black) – serial no. MZ9455765

Signature Limited Edition J-Bass (black, warped scratch plate) – serial no. 651201 (U.V pen)

2 x Apple Macbook Pros. serial numbers: W80091EV7XK & W800611H7XK.

Also stolen: Bunch of wireless receiver packs. Olympus E500 DLSR Camera.

Also maybe some other stuff we haven’t realised is gone.

GCHQ will probably sort it all out within the week, but on the off-chance that their priorities are of a more nefarious nature, if anybody has any information about this stuff at all, be great to hear from you here: mail@65daysofstatic.com.

Thanks a lot,