DISCUSSION POINT: 65’s live programme for the spring months of 2016. Austere, lazy, or elegant?

65’S HOT TAKE: ‘These shows are gonna be great. Hit us up on Facebook. Check out our minute-by-minute vlog. Stayed tuned on Periscope. Snapchat us your best pictures of boutique guitar pedals & screen grabs of left-leaning economic policies’.

No. None of that. Don’t. But. There’s some 65 shows in the not-too-distant future. Nothing’s broken for ages, so we can only assume this is the way things will continue forever and therefore these shows will be good. They start this weekend in Bangalore, and (currently) end with us playing next to a giant space telescope on the outskirts of Manchester in July. In-between there’s a show in Belgium and then a cluster of ’em in the upper half of England.

If you have been paying attention, then you’ll know that there’s a good chance we’ll have some more news soon. If you haven’t – LOOK SHARP. There’s still time to dust off that youtube playlist of badly compressed Radio Protector uploads one last time before we take up all the space you have allocated us in your brains with more pressing matters.

UNTIL SOON. Or until here:

21st March: IndieMarch, Bangalore, India
28th April: Academy, Liverpool, UK
29th April: Handmade Festival, Leicester, UK
30th April: Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, UK
5th May: Dunk Festival, Zottegem, Belgium
24th July: Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank, Cheshire.