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Hello, team 65…

It’s 2012. Another year closer to the death of the sun.

Between extended bouts of DIY travel agency, (Heathrow Travelodge: it’s the day-off-between-shows destination), tenancy rights contestation (I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in) and insomnia (it’s what grown-ups do instead of sleeping), 65daysofstatic have mainly been writing brand new 65 music.

And you know what? It’s shaping up. By now, you’d think we’d be pretty good at it, but we can safely report it still tears us into little bits, getting it all to make sense. It still feels how it’s supposed to feel. It’s still taking the best of us to get it onto tape.

We’ve got a way to go yet, however, so we thought we’d get out of the house and blow the old cobwebs away, by playing a few shows. Check it:



30th: Thessaloniki, The 8 Ball, Greece. TICKETS

31st: Athens, AN Club, Greece. TICKETS


5th: Maastricht, Musiekgieterij, Netherlands. TICKETS

6th: Venlo, Perron 55, Netherlands. TICKETS

7th: Utrecht, Tivoli de Helling, Netherlands. TICKETS

8th: Zottegem, Dunk!Festival, Belgium. TICKETS

9th: Breda, Mezz, Netherlands. TICKETS

10th: The Garage, London, UK. Monotreme Records 10th anniversary! TICKETS


12th: BronxPiSahne, Istanbul, Turkey. TICKETS


12th: The Cockpit, Leeds, UK. TICKETS

13th: 2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham, UK. TICKETS

15th July, Joensuu, Ilosaarirock Festival, Finland. TICKETS

21st July, Truck Festival, Oxford, UK. TICKETS

22nd July, Tramlines Festival, Sheffield, UK. MORE INFO


Here’s what’s cool about this list:

1. There’s more shows to come.

2. We’re going to Turkey and Finland. Uncharted 65 waters.

3. We’ll probably, maybe, play some new stuff at some of these.

4. You’ll notice that Tramlines in Sheffield is on there! A couple of years ago, we were due to headline a different Tramlines stage and were thwarted by a fire alarm. This time, we’re headlining a bigger stage, outside, and we’ll be enforcing a ban on all naked flames across South Yorkshire to make sure everything goes to plan. It’s a free festival too. Cool.

It’d be nice to see you at some of these shows.



Beatcast TV session

We spent a particularly claustrophobic and warm day in November, after two hours sleep, in a small shed and studio, making the following four track session, with the highly-skilled and hyperactive people at Coach Road Studios, and the dudes from Beatcast.tv. Needless to say, we are really happy with the results. You can pour them into your eyes like hot sauce below:

Look out for tour companions The Goat That Looks Sideways, The Deer That Survived A House FIre, The Warlock, and the Hare of Midnight.


Polinski –

Paul has a really exciting show at this year’s FutureEverything festival in Manchester, with visuals from the awesome Version Industries. He’ll be opening up for Dieter Moebius, who is rescoring Metropolis. INTENSE. For tickets and more info:

Talking about stuff –

Joe will be talking about crowd-funding and the Silent Running album at this years Sensoria festival in Sheffield, although it looks to be the conference part of the festival so you probably have to be a delegate to get in. Looks pretty interesting though. We once went to In The City and pretended to be other people from the actual music industry in order to go on see some bands for free. One of those bands was Jetplane Landing, who were awesome. More info:


Shopping –

We’re re-stocking all t-shirts and hoods in the 65 online store, so if we were out of your size, keep an eye on store.65daysoftstatic.com and be ready to flex your capitalist muscle at will. It’ll be getting refreshed in the next couple of days.



So that’s the latest from the all-new, show-boating, road-testing, synth-building, noise-broadcasting, infinitive-splitting, infinity-flitting, piano-mangling, guitar-conniving, cymbal-splintering, decibel-abusing purveyors of inarticulate-sincerity you know as 65daysofstatic. In it to win it. Love you.