Alright then.

For the past few weeks 65’s time has been taken up almost exclusively with:

A – Advanced Accountancy Techniques
B – Remixing The Cure

The Cure asked us personally to remix all four of their new singles, which was a lot of noise condensed into a short two and a half week period. We came out the other side with bruised ears and cautious smiles. It seems that their label have upped the stakes by adding some big names to their remix e.p –  bands we imagine you have about the same amount of respect for as we do. They’ll certainly open up our music to new markets we’ve not been able to reach yet! The Cure though are fucking great and have managed to negotiate around the fact that nobody has heard of us by stitching all of our remixes together and putting it on the e.p as one 20minute track. Four remixes in one! It has been called ‘Exploding Head Syndrome‘. It is reassuringly confusing, so we recommend that you check it out. It’s out 13th September on A MAJOR LABEL! (although the royalties are going to the Red Cross). This is how far we have come, people! We’re gonna see if we can get in touch with Jared Leto now that we’re ‘cd buddies’ and see if he can divert perhaps 5% of the budget for his next 30 Seconds to Mars video to us so we can live off it for the next five years and make about a million albums.

We’re rolling with the big guns now, 65kids. Soon we’ll be able to start selling our music to adverts! Oh, wait…

Anyway. We actually did two different remixes of ‘The Only One’, and have been told that the one which isn’t included on ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’ will be available as an exclusive if you buy from iTunes. So. Investigate that too. Or you could skip iTunes, give a bit of cash straight to The Red Cross and find it on the torrents instead. The choice is yours.

Secondly, there is an article, which will perhaps turn into some kind of open debate, about the nature of remixing. It is written by us. It is appearing on The Quietus by the end of today. You can read it here. We hope that it will be of some interest to you. There are literally dozens of inconsistencies with the ideas we put forward so please go and post arguments against any or all of the points made. And if anyone has a copy of that unofficial 65 remix album that somebody compiled and was floating round our messageboard a little while ago, then if you wanna pass that around too we don’t mind.

You might stop hearing from us for a while soon.
But we won’t have disappeared. We’ll just be hiding.

Take care, 65kids.