65daysofstatic is floating the idea of recording their previously live-only re-score of Silent Running for a limited edition vinyl and digital download release on Dustpunk Records.

We are using Indiegogo.com to gauge people’s interest in the project. If enough people pre-order the record in some form by ‘pledging’ money toward the project, then it will go ahead. We don’t like the idea of people actually donating to us for nothing – we’re a rock band, not a charity – so the way to look at this is as a form of advanced pre-ordering. It’s quite a big undertaking for us to make this into an album so if we have misjudged the mood of 65 fans and it turns out that this record doesn’t need to exist, then we’d like to know about it.

To go direct to the Indiegogo campaign, CLICK HERE.

For a video of the prototype 65NOISEBOX which is available in hugely limited quantities as part of this project CLICK HERE.

For videos of the scrappy hand-made tape cassette loops in action, CLICK HERE.