1. 65’s Cancelled Asian Shows.
2. Unlikely Animals.
3. “You know, sha-la-la-la-la, sha-la-la-la-la, neither one regretted a thing” – Street Hassle
4. Running on Empty.
5. Import/Export Tarrifs.


To begin. We were due to be arriving in Asia for a handful of shows in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. We had to cancel these and we’re sorry to those of you who were looking forward to it and had made time and plans to be there. We were looking forward to it, and had made time and plans to be there. But. The best laid plans of mice and men…

Our booking agent is talking to the promoters of all these shows to work out how they can be rescheduled. We will get there if we can. Thank you for your patience, understanding and kind messages of support. They’re very much appreciated at this time.


No time like the present but some time, now, for the past.

There were days when 65 didn’t have carpets and, without embellishing the story too much, electricity, food, friends, lives or self esteem. Actually, some of these things have only recently been acquired. It’s the first two. And really, really good friends.

Back in those days of doubt and stubbornness, being-a-band-looking-for-a-label was like being adrift in a tiny boat, lost in fog, not waving but drowning.

As most of you will know, we were rescued and towed in to shore by a golden Monotreme, that most obscure and curious of creatures. Before doubt could make it so and we were crushed, this wonderful mammal gave us the power to make records. And it was glorious.

We would like to thank all the staffers, secretaries, A&R guys, pluggers, the board of directors, and the chairman of The Evil Monotreme Corporation for all their hard work over the past seven years.

Thanks, Kim.

(NB – All of our previous output will continue to be available via Monotreme Records for the foreseeable future).


‘The tramps like us, who were born to pay…’

Truth is, we might never make a record as good as Street Hassle by Lou Reed. But, we did some maths, and worked out that the next best thing would be to put out our next album on Hassle Records. They said yes. That was brave of theme. Have a look: HASSLE RECORDS.

This record, as we have already told you, is gonna be called ‘We Were Exploding Anyway’.

It’s what happened when we went up the mountain, and never came down again.

Here’s the release dates:

– UK and Europe will be April 26th.
– Japan will be April 28th.
– Rest of the world TBC. (but it’s coming your way, for sure)

There’s gonna be a lot more information about this over the next few weeks, as you’d expect. Pre-orders, bundles, news about the deluxe first edition (just wait till you see the artwork…)


The 65daysofstatic tour looks no less intimidating from where we’re sitting. We’re hitting Japan at the end of March and from the beginning of April we’re in mainland Europe, crossing back into UK and Ireland by the time May arrives. All the dates can be found HERE.

In the meantime, set your metronome going at a steady 120 bpm, and start working out how to dance in 17/8. Then try and remember how you ever danced in 4/4. Let us know when you’ve cracked it. We’re still trying. Be advised: we’re also remembering how to play some songs that have been on the shelf a while.  Can someone remind us how to play ‘Hole’? Count us in, we’ll watch you for the changes.


To coincide with our dates in Japan we are putting out a Japanese-only single.  Here is the track listing:

1. Weak4
2. Pacify (exclusive to Japan)
3. Antique Hyper Mall
4. Goodbye, 2007.

It’s out…soon-ish. More info can be found HERE.

There will be a closer-to-home single coming too. More news on that very, very soon.

This is it.

It’s really happening.

Are you ready?