"" was published on February 3rd, 2009 and is listed in From 65HQ.

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  1. abradi wrote,

    April 20th…I think this is going to be the best day of the year!!!

    I cannot fucking wait to hear/see it!

  2. britt! wrote,

    i am counting the days of static till i can see it. sorry that was a bad one. but anyway, kudos- look at the good you do!

  3. Edmoci wrote,

    Yay 😀

  4. Akis wrote,

    ~can’t wait to see you in greece :-O

  5. Stephan "DaGobert" wrote,

    wow – looks/sounds very nice 🙂

  6. fatalyti wrote,


  7. Turulcsirip - Szabi wrote,

    […] április 20-án. want it right now. szép lesz 3 nap folyamatos 65dos hallgatás után a PEN [: http://www.65daysofstatic.com/2009/02/03/364/ « előző | Szabi — 2009. 02. 05. […]

  8. dave wrote,

    good lord almighty. exciting times.

  9. Fabio wrote,

    Spazio211, Torino, Italy, 13th May… please, confirm this date!!!!

  10. Paolo wrote,

    My god i’m fuckin waiting for the 20th april now.

    I’ll see you the 7th May in belgium =D !!! I already have my ticket !

  11. Adam wrote,


  12. well hello there wrote,

    4:20, eh? special! Yah, i’m from Canada

  13. Roy wrote,

    Been waiting for a follow up to the last dvd! Get In lads!

  14. Orangey wrote,

    Yesssssssssssss, With the volume cranked up that humming sound at the end made my speaker cones move like they’d never moved before

  15. beeps wrote,

    The sound thats smacks the diafram – this is what makes the live in live. no artificial stimulants here my skeletons rocking ! ( small point – the buffering on yr vid download is a frustrating mare !)

  16. Emerson wrote,

    u need to come to mexico.!!!! we are so many fans of u guys.!!!

  17. nemo wrote,

    fuck this dvd. i want to see this my own eyes!(((

  18. Jon wrote,

    Please come to the United States. I love this band, its so fucking amazing!

    Come to Washington State, you wont regret it.

    PS: Can’t wait for the new cd to come out.

  19. pirs wrote,

    Cheers from Brazil, you guys are amazing!

  20. Boeotian wrote,

    You guys have to play in Brazil! Come to Rio, 65!

  21. Gita wrote,

    Saw you in Vancouver June ’08. INCREDIBLE live act with amazing energy. Come back soon!!!

  22. Hysteria wrote,

    guys we need them in Mexico !!!!!!
    please we are going to consent, many people want to hear
    not regret the Mexican people

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